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Our huge selection of performance Chevy crate engines and Ford crate engines from top engine builders like BluePrint, Edelbrock, and Chevrolet Performance will leave you drooling. From a drop-in 302 Ford street cruiser to a complete Chevy 350 or IMCA approved 604, we’ve got Mopar crate motors with the horsepower you’ve always dreamed of.

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Let’s say you have a nice set of big-block heads laying around that came off of a drag car, but no short-block to bolt them to. Shafiroff Race Engines figured there must be tons of hot rodders in this exact predicament, so it went ahead and designed an all-new budget 540 short-block. At just $4,495, it would be awfully tough to replicate this combo for less money. That’s because it’s packed with all the right stuff, including a Dart Big M block, a forged Eagle crank and rods, and JE 13:1 forged pistons. If that’s too much squish for you, Shafiroff can outfit the 540 with a more street-friendly compression ratios. An oil pan, timing set, camshaft, balancer, oil pump, and gaskets are available as options.

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A “crate engine” is just that: an engine that comes in a wooden box, delivered to your door, ready to be dropped into the vehicle of your choosing. The good old days’ solution of building your own engine is falling out of favor, increasingly replaced by the ease and cost-effectiveness of buying a complete, ready-to-run powerplant. The appeal is obvious: proven power levels, dependability, and often a warranty. There are hundreds of choices in the crate-engine market, and even the automakers are in on the game. Ford, GM, and Mopar have stock and modified production engines available for sale, as well as new performance versions of prior designs, like the small-block Chevrolet that dates back to 1955. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of OE offerings, sorted by their most important stats: power and price. Click the graphic to enlarge.

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Another drop-in option for the guy or girl who wants instant performance, this Stage 3 crate engine is dressed from carb to oil pan, too. Internals feature a nodular iron crankshaft, forged connecting rods, and forged pistons. It’s topped off with Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads and us This crate setup has specially designed to deliver maximum horsepower on pump gas. The siamese block has four-bolt mains, aluminum cylinder heads, a big lift (.603-inch) hydraulic camshaft, single plane intake, and all forged internals. es a hydraulic cam for optimum street performance. Again, all you really need is an air cleaner to complete the setup.

Performance Ford 351W 385HP Stage 3 Crate Engine

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General Motors’ LS (Gen. III/IV) series of engines is the engine swap king these days. In addition to the parade of factory LS-powered late-model cars, you’ll find LS engines in old-school street rods, resto-modded vintage muscle cars, classic trucks, and even asphalt-chewing race cars. There are three ways to make an LS swap happen. You can supply your own LS-equipped donor car, hit up the local junkyard for a discarded powerplant, or go the crate motor route. There are pros and cons to each, but an increasing number of swap-minded enthusiasts are opting for crate engines. In fact, our sources at Chevrolet Performance have told us that LS crate engines are now outselling traditional Gen. I small blocks for the first time.